If you’ve ever asked us to recomend a gift for a role-player, chances are the first thing we suggested was dice. There seems to be infinite variety and you can find something in almost any price range! Here’s what our staff says about their favorites:


“Look how they shimmer and glow!”


“I show these to everyone but no-one takes them home. I’m not in a campaign right now, but I’m going to end up buying them.”


“I love triceratopses, they’ve always been my favorite dinosaur. I have them on everything. Plus, I used these go GM a friend’s batchelor party!”


“I can’t choose! They’re all so pretty and sparkly! Can you tell I love green and purple? I own four of the bottom set because I keep forgetting I already have them. Three full-size and a mini.”


“This is probably my favorite set of dice, because this was the pair I got at one of my first conventions, when I was less than 8 years old. It was the set that I bought with the pocket money my dad gave me to explore the venders lining the room, and it was this set in my favorite color I left with. I used them for cons, but then lost track of them until the pandemic when I found them to play with my friends online. Now they are once again one of my most used sets, always ready in the tray I take places to game. They’ve served me for more than a decade, and here’s hoping they’ll keep rolling forever.”


“I have too many. Here are 2 of my favorites. I like bats. Theyr’e hollow and the color makes the bats stand out in more detail.”

“Also, floating green dragon eyes. Awesome!”