Magic the Gathering Starter Kit

For those who want to try out Magic for the first time, we have the newest Starter Kit sleeved up and ready to play! It is built for two people to play against each other. If you would like someone to walk you through the basics of your first game call us and we will set up a time for Gabe or Iain to run a quick demo! Make sure to ask about promos for new players!

Commander Teaching Decks

Dimir Faeries

X Marks the Spot

Party Time

Blue Spellslingers

Commander has quickly become the most popular casual format of Magic the Gathering! This non-rotating singleton format allows larger groups to play together and is perfect for many different styles of play. One of our employees, Gabe, has put a selection of Commander teaching decks that he has built on our demo shelf! These are perfect for finding a play-style you like so you can know what to build yourself!

Note: These teaching decks contain playtest cards and thus are not legal for sanctioned tournaments.