Now on our demo shelf is Earth: the gorgeous 2023 release remeniscent of Wingspan.


Alex says:

“Earth presents each player with their very own brand-new ecosystem to grow and develop, represented by an ever-growing tableau of beautiful (and informative) plant cards. You have 4 possible actions to choose from on your turn. Each will help you in a different way, allowing you to draw new cards, gain soil to pay for new plants, add new cards to your island, and growth and sprouts on your plants. The great part is that no matter what action you pick, everyone else at the table gets to join in by carrying out a weaker version of the same action. This means that you’ll have something to do on every turn, and the game moves along quickly with minimal downtime.

If that weren’t enough, almost every plant card you add to your island will grant you a benefit whenever you take a specific action, meaning that your actions will become more powerful as the game goes on!

At the end of the game, you’ll score points for some objectives that were chosen randomly at the start of the game, as well as all your plants, sprouts and even extra cards that you “composted” during the game. Don’t forget to grow your plants, as they’ll be even more valuable if you’re able to bring them to their maximum potential!


Earth is a great moderate-complexity game for fans of engine-building, tableau-building, and the splendor of mother nature!”