Join us in the inky depths of space for Cosmoctopus! Gather tentacles to summon the Great Inky One into your realm before your fellow cultists can!

Eli says:

“There are a ton of different strategies players can take with four different types of devotional cards. Gain discounts through texts, use relics to get resources, use hallucinations for strong one-off effects, and gaze skyward to complete constelations and gain tentacles.

This engine-builder snowballs quickly, meaning cultists are quickly in over their heads. This makes the game fast-paced and fun, but for those prone to analysis paralysis it can be overwhelming.

It includes the cool art and high-quality pieces we have come to expect from Lucky Duck. But while the Great Inky One himself is adorable, the card art is more sketchy and angular than their signature cutesy style to bring in a more traditional cosmic horror vibe.

This game has very quickly become a favorite in my household and we are looking forward to trying out more of the many options for play!”