Searching for a spooky game to play at your Halloween party tonight or tomorrow? Kevin picked Werebeasts from Bezier Games as his October Game of the Month.

“Werebeasts is a quick social deduction game, with a twist. Players collect sets of werebeasts, such as werewolves, were-bananas, or the dreaded were-tornados. As a social deduction game, each players’ two goals (the beasts they are trying to collect) are hidden, and players must anticipate, foil, and misdirect their opponents by bidding. Every turn, players bid their precious “were-chow” to add beasts to their collection.

Players will have to opportunity to accuse their opponents of collecting a certain kind of werebeast. If they’re correct, their opponent is eliminated from the game and the accuser gets either their beasts or were-chow as a reward! If, however, a player is wrongly accused, then the accuser is eliminated and their opponent receives their werebeasts!

Were-beasts is reminiscent of Werewolf or Poker, is very quick to teach, accommodates 3-10 players, and takes less than 20 minutes to play. Great for Halloween!”