Our theme for November is Family Games. Kevin chose Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig from Stonemaier Games and Bezier Games, Inc. as his Game of the Month.

“Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a strategic tile-drafting game with a fun, cooperative twist! An interesting combination of the two popular games “Castles of Mad King Ludwig” and “Between Two Cities,” this game keeps the semi-cooperative aspect of “Between Two Cities” and combines it with the theme and iconography of “Castles of Mad King Ludwig.”

In the game, each player works together with the players to their left and right to design the best two castles. The twist is that only the lowest scoring castle will count as the player’s final score, so players must constantly balance both castles’ needs.

A quick, medium weight game that can accommodate a large group, this game is great fun! Besides, building zany castles is a reward unto itself!”

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